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OM-D E-M1X Review

"The function that helped me most with my images is the internal stabilization. I shot the photos handheld with a speed of 1/20th as the previous rain and the slowly setting sun made it very dark under the trees. While the use of a tripod was pretty much impossible in the dense forest, it was a true benefit to be still able to shoot handheld. With these adverse conditions, it was even more satisfying to have an amazing outcome of the encounter with these unique animals.

To photographically document a situation in wildlife it is important to focus on the animals and their behavior. A precise autofocus can give you the freedom and the ability to photograph more unique and shorter lasting moments. Sometimes only seconds remain to capture what you see.

Especially in difficult light conditions such as harsh light and shadows the autofocus worked great and fast. Hence, I could give my attention completely to the animals and what I wanted to capture." (Ben Simon Rehn)

"Low angle, awkwardly seated, eyes scanning the bush, hands roughed through dirt, sticks, and biting ants. Unbalanced and bobbing just to keep somewhat vertical amidst the thorns. A watchful mother off to the right. There’s no room to be worrying about camera functionality in a situation like this. Fortunately, I was able to remain fully observant and, in the moment whilst sitting with these two Cheetah cubs and their mother. With the aid of a swivel screen, I could position the camera and long lens through thick brush, finding a gap in the thickets to realize the young predators gaze.

Placing an autofocus point into the precise position, aided by the tactile 5-axis image stabilization, ensured I could lock focus and keep the composition steady.

When the moment finally arrived that the gawk of the Cheetahs finally synchronized, I was successful in documenting the instant, with the benefit of 18 frames per second, of course, there was little chance I’d miss the perfect frame. Nailed it!

Without much more than a few split-seconds, and without even looking at any of the camera buttons, I could turn the camera vertical, move the focus point with the joystick, lock focus using the custom functions I’ve enabled, adjust for exposure, and freeze a fleeting opportunity, all whilst keeping myself fully in the moment as this male lion awoke suddenly from his slumber to assess the surroundings and look up at our vehicle." (Donal Boyd)

"With the sun quickly dipping below the horizon, I wanted to capture the illuminated ice in the greatest possible detail. By utilizing the inbuilt High Res Shot mode with my tripod, I was able to swiftly capture an incredibly detailed image of this scene at 80MP !

Arriving at Vestrahorn close to midnight, my entire surroundings were pitch black, though finding focus in the dark was no problem with the new intelligent AF system. Setting one of the 121 cross-type focus points to the edge of the mountain peak, the camera was able to precisely detect the focus distance through very minimal contrast along the edge and allow for a tack sharp image in a completely dark landscape - even at F/1.2. That was mind-blowing." (Benjamin Hardman)

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