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"Let us begin by saying that this adventure started much different than originally planned. Not in a good way. It was like we were cursed. First our flight from Frankfurt to San Francisco got cancelled and we were told that the next plane leaves in four days. We made the best out of that and drove through the night to enjoy a weekend in Italy. Mountains are there to overcome them, right? Eventually we made it to San Francisco and had two weeks in the PNW. The Pacific Northwest. My friend Marcel will tell you more about that, so let’s skip that part and head right into the desert. But wait a second. Quick question:

What happens when you leave your car parked for about an hour south of San Francisco?

The answer is: someone might shutter the window and take all you belongings. Seriously: everything - Laptops, camera bags and passport, even an entire suitcase that fit through the broken window. And that on the day we were supposed to drive into the desert of Arizona, Nevada and Utah. It was a shock indeed, I had never been a victim of a crime before that so this was disturbing. So after getting the car fixed, a new passport and a couple new shirts we told ourselves that we had to make the best out of it and move on. What they didn’t take? The trusty OM-D E-M1 Mark II and a M.Zuiko 25mm f 1.2 plus one battery that had 82% left.

I decided to make this a challenge: What can you create with one camera, the nifty fifty lens and a single battery when you have 7 days to spend in the desert? You wouldn’t believe how much it makes you step out of your comfort zone.

Who said a fixed focal length makes it harder to get diverse shots? If you’ve been to horseshoe bend before you would know that this place makes you feel tiny. And you can find plenty of photographers here you take sunrise and sunset pictures of it with a wide angle lens. I didn’t have one anymore but still wanted to capture the beauty of this place. So what do you do? You take a ton of pictures and put them all together in photoshop until you have the panorama you were looking for. As easy as 1,2,3. My biggest fear was that the battery would die. Sleeping in the car at night was pretty chilly and during the day you would break a sweat easily. But the battery kept going on and on and on. Right now I am sitting on a plane to my next destination and it’s still at about 40% and we took quite a few pictures. Something I learned on this trip? However uncomfortable a situation might be and whatever happens: stay positive and make the best out of it. Be creative and find a solution, enjoy the journey and keep in mind that karma comes around. Hard times will come and they will go just like the sun rises every morning and sets every night." (Frauke Hameister)

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