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"Why travel? During our structured daily routines we seem to easily loose sight of the wonders of our world. The most magnificent garden on our way to work becomes dull and eventually non-existent as we pass by it every day. Even our relationships can suffer under routine and we stop seeing the gold in each other if we’re not careful.

I’ve found that traveling can help breaking this vicious circle of routine.

You think adventures are dangerous, but let me ask you: what’s more dangerous than loosing sight of beauty?" (Lennart Pagel)

"You can draw lots of inspiration just from seeing new places, but also from the surroundings – experience the culture of your destination, get to know the local food. Its these little things that just kind of open your eyes. The most inspiring thing for me though, and that’s probably what made me do landscape photography, is the nature itself. On one hand, it’s a refuge to me, a place where I can lay my head to rest. On the other hand, the nature is the greatest artist of all time to me.

Sometimes I’m even getting shivers down my spine just because of being in an amazing surrounding like in the mountains." (Max Fischer)

"The OM-D E-M1 Mark II helped me here on focusing on the main part of the journey - the hiking and camping.

The weight and size advantage of the OM-D system compared to a classical DSLR setup is enormous and I noticed the difference right when I started to pack my bags.

As you are only capable of carrying a certain weight over large distances and high elevation gain, I was not forced to limit my photography gear and leave lenses or batteries behind in order to save weight." (Daniel Ernst)

"I’m fascinated by the variety of nature. There are oceans, mountains, deserts, forests… and places that combine all of them together. It makes me feel alive when I’m in the midst of a dramatic landscape. It’s humbling, refreshing and gives me a peaceful state of mind. One thing that I really enjoy as well is when the counterparts of nature and man-made things, like a bridge or a cabin etc., combine to create beautiful scenery together. They so often seem to be in conflict with each other- so finding a place where both components are in harmony is very special to me." (Leo Thomas)

"On top of the mountains I like to shoot details and never go without a tele lens. The fast 40-150mm Pro lens was perfect for that. It’s lightweight for it’s specifications and packs relatively small, too. It’s part of my kit now as it really helps me to get those clean selective landscape shots I’m after. The Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II was definitely the fastest camera I’ve ever shot on. From the start-up time to the writing speed or the burst shooting mode - amazingly fast across the board! I also found the continuous autofocus in tracking mode helpful for situations with people when you have to act fast and can’t just repeat the action. The focus was on point." (Roman Königshofer)

"Over the years I shot with many different cameras that I also took the with me along my travels. Some failed and some did pretty well. My favorite one so far is the Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II.

What I love the most about Olympus cameras is the weight and size of the equipment. You don’t need to carry a big and heavy DSLR anymore. The weight comes in so handy while hiking, you can just hang the camera around you and you almost forget that you are actually carrying a camera. Which is so important for long hikes, when you have to take more necessary stuff like food and camping gear. So you have to make sure to safe as much weight as possible and the small OM-D with its light lenses helps so much. And what’s even better then that, you actually don’t need a tripod anymore. During our trip we tested the 5-axis in-built stabilization and we managed to shoot images handheld around 5-10 seconds, still with a decent quality. This is something I haven’t seen in any other camera before and totally made me love the small OM-D." (Hannes Becker)

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