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"We came to Oberstdorf mainly to hold a workshop on the Nebelhorn - the house mountain of this town - but we decided to go there a week earlier to do as much hiking as possible. During that time my favorite hike was the hike to Lake Schrecksee near Bad Hindelang. Schrecksee is Germany's highest alpine lake with an island and is located on 1.813m.

During the steep ascent we faced heavy rain, winds, cold and even a thunderstorm.

By the time we got up the sun came out and we had the most beautiful evening light. Also for the workshop we offered - after a period of heavy rain and hail I was afraid that the moral of the group went to the bottom, but the opposite happened - everyone was happy and stoked for the next morning. And we didn't get disappointed, beautiful morning light and rays of sun were lighting up the area." (Daniel Ernst)

"As we unfortunately are not as rainproof like the OM-D E-M1 Mark II, we had to seek shelter and so went back to the hut and waited for the sky clear up. While it was pouring down I was still able to use the camera and the 12-40 Pro lens and I could completely focus on getting some shots with the rain and mist, not worrying about my gear. You never know what you are going to get while you’re the mountains so I always bring almost every lens. From super wide angle (7-14mm 2.8 Pro lens) to tele (40-150 2.8 Pro lens), so I can either get the whole panorama in one shot or zoom in on some peaks to compress the image. Our hopes were high for the sunrise, so we started early and hiked up a mountain for an amazing 360 degree view around the Allgäu Alps. Luckily the sun peeked through the clouds and mountains and provided us exactly what we wanted. Tired from the hustle and less sleep but with full memory cards went back to the valley and Oberstdorf." (Hannes Becker)

"One of the most stunning places, tucked away between peaks and ridges more than 2.000m high, is Lake Schrecksee – probably one of the most beautiful mountain lakes you can find in Germany. In expectance of a perfect illumination of this place during sunset, we headed out to tackle the steep hike on our first day being there. After about three hours and quite a few drops of sweat shed, we reached our destination. The lake lay before us, clouds of mist waving over the surface as it just had started to rain, but not surrounded by the lush green slopes we expected. Here, high up at an altitude of 1900 meters, the remains of a harsh winter painted the landscape.

Large snow fields still covered large parts of the basin and created a quite chaotic image.

A surprising, but very interesting sight, we thought. We decided to wait and let the rain pass, and as we ascended the ridge above the lake, the sun broke through the clouds. The contrast between warm light and the busy landscape of snowfields on the grass definitely was a stunning moment, even if or maybe just because it was not the shot we were planning for. Definitely a moment that sticks on my mind." (Max Fischer)

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