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"I actually can’t remember the last time I was so excited about a destination. Excited but also a little bit afraid of the challenge shooting in a completely diverse terrain or getting to know a new culture where you can immerse yourself. But that’s great about traveling, you are able to challenge yourself on a daily basis and to learn new things, to broaden your perspective and to experience a new way of living. Especially Africa is a great place to do so, because from my experience there are not that many places where one can completely disconnect from the outside world.

Nevertheless the environment was quite harsh, dust and wind and the hot temperatures in general were a challenge to work with. Luckily the OM-D E-M1 Mark II is incredibly durable but the biggest advantage is the weight. With temperatures around 40ish you try to keep your gear as light as possible, so you don’t end up carrying a too heavy backpack while walking in the sand." (Hannes Becker)

"Travelling for me is not about where you travel it’s about travelling to the right places at the right time of the year to capture those special moments and capturing the emotions and feelings of wildlife. It can be the forest near my house or it can be in breathtaking Namibia where I witnessed leopard killing wardog as dinner. Traveling for me is a way of life.

There is always incredible moments happening in nature all around the world and I want to be there to witness it and share it to the rest of the world.

People often live such a busy and hectic lifestyle that they don’t even realize how beautiful the area near their home can be. It’s not about where you travel it’s about how you experience it." (Konsta Punkka)

"Travelling in Namibia means a lot of driving, and that mostly on gravel roads through the bushes or the endless desert landscape which make you feel like you are on another planet. Every now and then we were crossing our ways with wildlife such as giraffs, zebras, elephants or thousands of springbocks and that made the hours of traveling in the car just feel like a couple minutes.

I learned a lot on this trip. About myself, about animals and different cultures.

From a visit at the Himba People on an early evening, that let us forget about time while we were playing with the kids, to the mayestic creatures of the african bush, there was nothing we missed on this trip. And I am beyond thankful I was able to experience this myself." (Tobias Meyer)

"Doing this trip with Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II, the gear felt like the most natural fit. The size and quality of the camera are incomparable. I was able to run around with a small camera body and capture moments and memories. It felt super natural taking shots of people and culture and always felt like I was not disrupting it. Whenever I travel, I love to experience first and shoot second. With this camera in hand, it felt exactly that way.

I came home with many incredible, crisp shots and video clips, but was able to collect some memories of my own, too." (Rob Strok)

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