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"Why would you travel to Northern Norway? I got this question a couple of times when I told people about the trip I was the most excited about, because I knew it’s going to be an adventure. It‘s not only the stunning fjords, the impressive mountains or the endless roads with unbeatable views that Norway is known for.

For me it was all about the northern lights, a miracle of nature, something that already blew my mind when I first saw it two years ago. I wanted to get this feeling again, get goosebumps when there is green and blue and purple lights dancing across the whole sky." (Marvin Kuhr)

"Travelling provides me with new experiences and memories, breaking routines and allowing me to meet people from all over the world. 'Thats your only pair of shoes and thats your gloves?', our husky adventure guide said. 'Well, yes', I answered and he started to laugh. Learning from different cultures allows me to move outside my own bubble, find new ways of thinking and new ways of approaching problems. It really adds another dimension to my life. So I got a really warm pair of shoes and warm gloves and was perfectly prepared for the husky tour. It was satisfying and a source of pleasure to be outside with the cute reindeers and the dogs that pulled our sled with pure power.

I think I will never stop getting amazed by the beauty of the North." (Jonas Skorpil)

"Not sure how to describe the feeling of experiencing something as beautiful as an actual winter. Here in Germany the winters are dark, grey, people seem unhappy and crave for the day that spring comes around the corner. Up north it’s different. The winter is both delicate and beautiful, but can be strong and harsh as soon as the wind comes and brings a blizzard just while you are about to go for a gentle hike in the early morning hours. Yes, the days are short, but that also means that the nights are even longer and that’s where the actual magic happens. I do now understand what my friend meant when he said he doesn’t even miss the daylight. There is nothing that comes even close to seeing Northern Lights. First time I saw them I just got overly excited and jumped around like a little puppy.

After a couple minutes the aurora borealis started dancing which is something words can’t describe.

I felt chills all over my body and wasn’t sure if laughing or crying was the right reaction. I’m glad cameras exist so I was able to take a couple of pictures. Even though a picture will only tell a glimpse of the actual experience, it’s probably the best way to use it as a return ticket to that very moment." (Frauke Hameister)

"Can you imagine living with 30 huskies?

One guy we met who used to be a chef chose exactly this life! When we arrived he was already preparing the sleds for our arctic husky tour experience. To lose a dog off his chain wasn't that easy in the first moment. Luckily you get the clue pretty fast and these dogs know their places. Set up with five sleds we prepared everything for the adventure. Other than in Finland where I experienced a similar action we had to help the dogs either up and down hill. The cohesion between dogs and me as a human was for sure a special feeling and awesome experience. Driving by the fjords makes you want to see them from above. Since the snow and ice can be really dangerous during the winter we had to be very careful with our selection. One of the well known paths on the islands Senja is the hike up to the Segla mountain. Instead of standing on the rock (which raises 650m straight out of the fjord) we decided to hike to the view point to actually see the unique rock formation. Equipped with snow shoes and spikes we made our way up really fast. Basically one hour before sunset we were standing on the edge looking onto the rock and the surrounding fjords. Instead of hiking back down to warm up in the car we waited for the sunset and got rewarded with a magical mountain glow." (Marcel Lesch)

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