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"As a photographer living in Iceland there’s endless potential for capturing amazing imagery and for me it’s especially important to have gear that I know can be trusted in any sort of weather condition and lighting situation. This July I travelled with a crew of other olympusXplorers through the Icelandic Highlands putting our equipment to the test… and we were not disappointed!

My favorite feature of the OM-D EM-1 Mark II system and PRO lenses is the Image Stabilization (IS). It’s constantly blowing my mind, especially in these types of lighting circumstances. I’ve easily achieved supremely sharp long exposure images of waterfalls handheld at 1-second (and more!) shutter speeds. Considering many of the best waterfall locations require hiking through difficult terrain, it’s not ideal to bring a tripod, but luckily, it’s never a worry." (Donal Boyd)

As we progressed from the highlands through to the North and back down into the East of Iceland, the weather began to turn. Waking up to dark rain clouds in all directions, we geared up for the extremes of Iceland’s harsh climate. What makes these conditions interesting for photography are the occasional bursts of light that shine down through the clouds, creating interesting and fast-moving shadows over the ground. My most used lens on this trip was the M.Zuiko 40-150mm 2.8 Pro, giving such a vast range of focal lengths beyond other lenses I have used in the past and an excellent maximum aperture for those low-light situations that we had experienced on those dark and rainy days. Being able to swiftly adjust from 40mm straight up to 150mm allowed me to adapt to the ever-changing light conditions and rapidly changing shadows. Whether they were cast over a distant mountain peak or a scene right in front of us, I was able to capture it." (Benjamin Hardman)

"I live in Iceland since almost 5 years now. I love its natural diversity, peace and freedom. For me it is more than just the paradise for photographers or holiday destination laying in the north Atlantic, it is also home. This home can be rough, rainy, beautiful or calm considering the ever changing weather conditions over the year. I like the harsh climate and would consider myself as arctic addicted if one can say so. Call me weird but winter has been become my favourite time of the year here. Therefore my camera system needs to endure a lot.

I regularly drop my camera in snow or wherever I am, yes, sometimes I am bit clumsy, but luckily the sublime weather sealing of the OM-D E-M1 Mark II can take all this.

After the rainy summer this year I can definitely say this is true. Moreover I never had any issues or flaws to complain about in extreme cold winter temperatures (-15)." (Ben Simon Rehn)

"Sometimes other people might come to the conclusion that only heavy and bold cameras and lenses are “proper” photographer's gear. They're mistaken: all tested lenses were incredibly sharp and fast despite their little weight. I did not have to make decisions whether I should leave one or two lenses in the car and only take what I think I might need – or to take them all. On hikes, every gramm makes a difference, every kilogram decides about how exhausted you will be when you reach the top. When we hiked up a mountain in Kerlingarfjöll in the Highlands, I was excited to shoot portraits with the 25mm 1.2 PRO, wide angle shots of the landscape with the 7-14mm as well as allrounder shots with the 12-40mm 2.8 and shooting subjects far, far away with the 40-150mm 2.8. In my eyes, this is the perfect travel kit. It'll enable to get all the shots you need without restricting yourself to only a few heavy lenses.

Iceland is waiting for you to explore your very own paths and to create stunning photographs with the camera at hand."(Max Münch)

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