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"Iceland is volatile and moody – it’s a place that adapts to the extreme weather and constantly changing geology. It’s home to a range of resilient and strange flora, enduring animals and a society of people that have learned to adapt. The obscurity of the nature shaded by a low hanging mist – these are the moments I find impossible not to capture.

There are times when you cannot believe the beauty that you are witnessing, and times where the weather is almost unbearably intense and furious – but both are equally exhilarating for me.

With the extreme shifts in light up here in the Arctic and Sub-Arctic regions, from soft midnight sunlight to crisp dark winter darkness, there is always a demand for low light imagery and fast shooting frame rates. The image stabilisation in the OM-D E-M1 Mark II has blown me away, enabling crisp, lower ISO imagery with very long handheld shutter speeds, all in an environment that would otherwise be extremely hard to capture without a tripod. This develops into an added element of trust with the camera, and eventually changes the way you shoot in these darker conditions. Capturing 15 frames per second has also aided in documenting the intense weather and split second visuals that occur here." (Benjamin Hardman)

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