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"Greenland was one of the destinations that I wanted to travel to for a long time. It’s the epitome of a remote place. Mostly covered in ice and very unusual living environment it somehow was always appealing to me. When you think of Greenland, you obviously think of Ice, since 80% of the country is covered in it. You probably think of big icebergs, dog sleds and colorful little cabins. But traveling to the South of Greenland showed me a complete different side of this huge country.

Little did I know what massive and unique shapes the mountains of Greenland’s South have. Pointy peaks that reminded of the famous Torres del Paine and gigantic walls that made me think of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. With no doubt, the South of Greenland is a true paradise for photographers, nature enthusiasts and adventurers.

The small population of Greenland speaks for not too great conditions that are hospitable for life. Being exposed to the permanent coldness is only for the roughest. The Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II managed to stay alive in the biting cold very well. Especially cold and wet weather conditions are the worst for many cameras and the battery life normally drains much faster, but I couldn’t notice any difference with the E-M1 Mark II compared to shooting in warmer environments. Any time I turned the camera on, it worked just fine." (Leo Thomas)

"Our trip to Greenland was truly a venture into the unknown. None of us had been there so we had little idea of that to expect.

What we knew: we wanted to capture whatever we would stumble upon. This time capturing meant taking both photo and video so I needed a setup that would work well for both. It also needed to be able to withstand tough weather conditions. The perfect fit: the OM-D E-M1 Mark II with weather sealed M.Zuiko Pro lenses. The 5-axis image stabilization of the camera helped me get steady video shots as well as perfectly crisp tele photo shots, even during blue hour. During the trip I often found myself in situations where switching a lens wasn’t the best option. Sometimes it was because there was little space and freedom to move around, for example while paddling through glacier waters in a kayak.

Other times switching lenses wasn’t helpful because the scene was changing so much, for example when shooting icebergs while crossing a fjord on a speed boat. I always wanted to be ready to shoot both near and far, therefore I decided to shoot with a lens that would cover both.

"Luckily I had the answer in my camera bag, the Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 12-100mm 4.0 Pro. Being able to shoot both wide angle scenes as well as details in the distance with a single lens was quite the game changer for me. What made this lens even more useful was its internal image stabilization. Using both lens stabilizer and the stabilizer of the OM-D EM1 Mark II I got the steadiest image I had ever seen on a handheld DSLR or mirrorless camera." (Lennart Pagel)

"With new stunning landscapes in front of us every day I fell in love with the Hi-Res mode of the OM-D E-M1 Mark II. That feature made it possible to capture all the details of these landscapes.The camera captures multiple images by shifting the sensor and then combining these images into one large, high-resolution raw-file. Crazy techy, I know..., but it works! Having an 80 megapixel file ready for post production makes everything more fun. You can push the files a bit more and there is always less noise and more color information. I’m sold!

Greenland is huge. Feels like we haven’t even seen 1% of its 2.166 million km². So I can’t wait to come back and see more of it. It falls easily under my top three countries I have visited until today!" (Roman Koenigshofer)

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