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Autumn Colors

"Fall has been my favorite season ever since. The leafs turning more rich in color than every summer flower ever could, the wind gently blowing through the trees and the sunsets being even more vibrant this time of the year. I typically try to spend this time of the year hunting for fall colors somewhere else, like Canada. But this year I decided to keep it a little more local and to see what my home country Germany and it’s neighbor Austria have to offer. So I packed all the cozy sweaters I could find, asked some good friends if they were up for an adventure (of course they were) and hit the winding roads. This time I had the opportunity to test the Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark lll which is one of Olympus entry level cameras. Saying that I expected it to be alright for taking pictures, but never had I thought I would actually fall in love with it.

Here are a couple reasons why: It is incredibly lightweight, has the same sensor as the OM-D E-M1 Mark II (which is the camera I used on all my travels before), amazingly vibrant colors and the auto-focus is incredibly fast.

It pretty much combines everything I loved about the E-M1 Mark II but is lighter, smaller and affordable.

I get a lot of questions about an entry level camera that I can honestly recommend and I think I now have an answer. For all the pictures I took I decided to only use the kit lens to test its limits and am pretty happy with the results. For portraits however I would stick to a different lens like the 17mm F1.2 or 25mm F1.2.

Enough gear talk, what was special about this journey? Well, as I mentioned I wanted to see if I could find some places that are easily accessible yet look fantastic because if you start out taking pictures I think there is nothing better than actually going outside and having fun with some good friends.

Some places I highly recommend because the colors are just breathtaking this time of the year:

Lake Eibsee in Germany: spend a sunrise to avoid the crowds and to get some really nice reflection. You’ll probably run into a couple of other photographers, too (especially on the weekend).

But hey, making new friends has never been a bad thing and you can probably learn a lot from each other. Staying in the South of Germany and kind of close to Lake Eibsee: Königssee and Germany’s only Ice cave. The Eiskappelle is only accessible for some months a year. From early winter to mid-summer this place simply isn’t accessible because tons of snow are covering the entrance. If you decide to go inside please be careful, don’t make any loud sounds, ask the locals if it’s still safe to go inside and don’t spend hours in there.

Oh and if it’s raining or 30 degrees outside: just don’t go, because chunks of the entrance can easily break off. For me it was great that I brought a camera where I can adjust the settings and give it to a friend for taking a picture, without him being confused about what button he or she has to press. Because all he had to do was to touch the screen at the point where I was standing. Easy handling, great low-light performance and the 5-axis stabilizer were definitely a great help.

Want to see something Eltz? Well Germany offers a variety of stunning castles! A few ones that are especially beautiful: Burg Eltz and Burg Cochem in Western Germany as well as Burg Falkenstein and Wernigerode Castle in the Harz National Park a little bit further north. Some last words: Just enjoy the journey, get out there and have fun. The rest will come." (Frauke Hagen)

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