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Faroe Islands

"I was in awe with this place from the very first moment and literally glued to the plane window when I saw the volcanic islands coming closer. A remote place in the middle of the Gulf Stream in the North Atlantic, halfway between Scotland and Iceland. No point on the Faroe Islands is further than 5km (3 miles) from the sea. This sounds like you can just easily hike through the islands. But you can’t!

It’s such a wild place.

There are no hiking trails at all and you really just fight your way through wherever you wanna go. I loved that approach! So pristine! My favourite sights were definitely all those steep cliffs. They are everywhere and you never know what you are going to find next. Huge sea cliffs standing free in the ocean offering home for some rare birds. The views combined with the sound of the wind and the chitter of the birds do evoke pure happiness in one's soul.The weather also changes so quickly and frequently which is actually just a dream for us as landscape and outdoor photographers. It can be sunny and in a blink of an eye you find yourself in the middle of a snowstorm. You just never know what you are going to get! Awesome!" (Roman Königshofer)

"Since the Faroes are quite a remote destination, many of the great spots are not directly accessible by car, also not even real trodden paths exist – we found ourselves mostly directly hiking along the quite steep, glass-clad ridges of the mountains.

On such terrain, traveling with light backpacks makes up quite the luxury. Therefore, being geared with the lightweight OM-D E-M1 Mark II camera was extremely beneficial.

Roaming through the Faroese mountains to experience fantastic views, jaw-dropping coastlines and the natural wonders of such a rough place was a dream coming true." (Max Fischer)

"You can’t talk about the Faroe Islands without mentioning the many sheep you’ll find there. The furry animals freely stroll over the islands, not minding crossing the road and letting you wait. On the one hand they seemed to be very curious, but when you want to get very close they seem very shy. The M.Zuiko Digital ED 40-150mm 1:2.8 Pro supports you in situations like that, simply in not having to get too close to the animal. If you shoot with the aperture wide open, on F2.8, you can easily isolate your motive from the background. The background will be blurred and that will add a dreamy look to your photo." (Leo Thomas)

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