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"I love traveling because of the experiences and the memories that go along with every journey and adventure. I love seeing places for the first time especially when I saw many photos of that place and finally create my very own perspective of it. Traveling opens up your mind and turns you into a more curious and outgoing person. The feeling of coming back home and having all those great memories through photographs is just priceless. As much as I love traveling around the world, the Dolomites are still my favourite place to capture.

Growing up in the heart of the Italian alps I always had a very strong connection to nature and the mountains in particular. The Dolomites were my earliest subject and it is also the place where I started learning about composition, light and photography in general. Over the past few years I have met a lot of people and shown them around my home. The best thing is that you can meet up with your friends and go hike some mountains that are close by. There are a lot of short hikes but also longer and tough ones.

I love long hikes but I am not a big fan of carrying a lot of weight. Thats why I totally loved the OM-D E-M10 Mark III while I was exploring some new places around my hometown.

I love the lightweight and the compact design of the camera. It fits super nice in my hand and I can even store it away quickly in my pocket when I have to climb or need my hands for an activity. I had so many people telling me what a cute little camera I am carrying around. They were blown away when I showed them what this little camera is capable of. For me the color science is very important because I love editing. I love colours and playing around with them. The E-M10 Mark III has a very good dynamic range and I totally love the unique color palette that the Olympus cameras offer. This is my first time I am shooting on a mirrorless camera and I am very impressed by the overall performance of it.

I think the E-M10 Mark III is the perfect camera for everyone who, just like me, loves having a camera with them all the time. Who never want to miss a single moment and love collecting memories. The camera is very easy to use and within a few days I got very comfortable with the system. Also, the design of the camera is so unique and it reminds me of some retro film cameras. The integrated Wifi-connection comes in super handy while you are traveling. Imagine you have no access to your laptop or you are sitting in the plane and want to edit some photos. Within a few clicks you can have all your photos on your phone ready to be shared. I am very excited brining the E-M10 Mark III on my upcoming adventures and see what else I can create with it." (Giulia Woergartner)

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