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Instahike through the Alps

"This summer I decided to dedicate most of my time in a place that is so different from where I live yet always feels like I am home: the European Alps. Born and raised at the Baltic Sea there are no mountains so I decided to spend some time away from the ocean to camp under the stars, hike through the winding roads, visit the lakes and admire the pink-tinged sunsets.

So I packed all the things I’d need: a lightweight tent and sleeping bag, clothes, a little gas stove and of course my Olympus camera, because first of all I wanted to capture those memories and second of all when it comes to hiking you are happy about every extra weight you do not need to carry. So if you try to pack light but don’t want to miss out on taking breathtaking images, the Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II is going to be your best friend. One day we started hiking with blue sky and perfect weather, but apparently you can’t trust the weather forecast when it comes to the alps, so right when we reached the summit a thunderstorm with heavy rain and even hail hit us and we had to seek shelter in an abandoned little hut. Me and my backpack got absolutely soaked, but I was happy to see that my camera did better under this kind of weather than I did.

Of course we had some beautiful sunny days as well, where we visited places like the famous Lago di Braies, which is a real gem and no matter how often I visit it, I still think watching the sunrise here before all the people arrive is something magical. The Alps really have it all: Crystal blue lakes that look like they are made of blue glass, rough peaks, meadows full of alpine flowers. It really is paradise if you ask me. The end of hiking season started to approach slowly but surely and we finished off with a weekend in Zell am See with a fun group of like minded adventurers. We had let’s just say not exactly what you’d call hiking weather, and were followed by thick fog the entire time. Then it started raining and the rain, well it didn’t stop. But the rain couldn’t stop us either, and our cameras experienced some of the trickiest conditions so far.

It is really soothing for the mind when you can trust your equipment and don’t need to worry about it, and the OM-D E-M1 Mark II did a fantastic job here.

All in all, this summer was one of the best ones I’ve experienced so far. Great people and new friends, even better memories, jumping into alpine lakes and having moments by the campfire. Easy to say I can’t wait for next season when „the mountains are calling and I must go“. (Frauke Hameister)

"It became a thing to start the day with a jump into a lake which I am photographing during sunrise. Two reasons for that: You wake up immediately after an exhausting hike or early alarm set for the next sunrise mission. Second: It is just a great way for a different composition! We all know the typical landscape photos with something in the foreground and beautiful mountain glow in the background. I just wanted to give these moments my personal style and the Olympus is a great tool for it! You can choose up to 60 images per second and trust me: You'll never miss the right moment again, especially if the water is super cold or the spot is hard to reach again.

All in all the trip to the Italian dolomites was super refreshing and showed me: Beautiful places are not that far, it doesn't require a long distance flight to another continent. Uniqueness can be found almost anywhere.

And for this reason we managed an Olympus x Zell am See Kaprun Insta hike for 12 participants from Germany, Austria and Switzerland this summer. The main goal was to offer a great weekend filled with adventures, lots of Olympus equipment to test out and great talks. Together we discovered new gems in the area of Zell am See Kaprun and it was great to see the improvement of the participants just after a few hours with the Olympus cameras.

We didn't know each other before but just after the two days it felt like saying goodbye to new friends. Especially the evening on the mountain hut was great to get to know new people. Photography is a big part of my life and It was a great opportunity to share some of my knowledge with others." (Marcel Lesch)

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